Art For Children

Bottle Bank

A great project for ages 3+. The total time it takes to make the bottle bank is approximately 20 minutes.

Materials Needed for the Bottle Bank

1 x Empty bottle

1 x Double-sided Tape

1 x Scissors

1 x Pipe Cleaners

1 x Empty Thread Spools

1 x Hot Glue Gun (adult supervision required)


1. Rinse out your bottle so no mildew occurs.

2. Cut out your eyes, ears, nose and mouth from a piece of construction paper. (Make sure the ears have tabs so they can stand upright.)

3. Attach the eyes, ears, nose and mouth with your double-sided tape.

4. Tape patterned paper around the body.

5. Hot glue empty spool thread to the bottom for legs.

6. Cut a hole in the back and slip in a pipe cleaner for the tail.

7. Cut a hole in the top for a place to insert your coins.