String-Wrapped Block Prints

A easy and affordable project for you and your toddler.

Materials Needed

3 x Wooden or Plastic Blocks
3 x 12 Inch Long Pieces of String
1 x Scissors
1 x Tape
3 x Pieces of Paper Towels
3 x Different Colors of Paint
1 x Sheet of White Drawing Paper

Step by Step Instructions

1. Tape one end of a piece of string to a block and repeat with the other two blocks.

2. Wrap the string around the block and secure the end with a piece of tape.

3. Fold the paper towel lengthwise and then in half one more time.

4. Squeeze one tsp. of paint onto each paper towel. (Use different colors)

5. Press each of your blocks onto the paper towels and start stamping the blocks onto your white drawing paper.

6. Keep stamping until your paper is covered with the block prints.